The Newest Ambassador

“His blood is on the Eastern Shore.” Indeed. The comments were heartfelt and at times poetic. The occasion, honoring Jeff Horstman, the newest Chesapeake Bay Ambassador. Jeff recently retired as executive head of ShoreRivers. I suspect his retirement will not go well....

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Headlines Scream, Faculty Politics Follows

Axios, in its April 23rd edition wraps up President Biden’s climate summit with the following headline: “The Biden Climate Doctrine Emerges at Summit.” This sequence is, at best, anti-democratic. The President should get in touch with the American people before...

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Much of America Exhaled

Much of America exhaled. They saw Derrick Chauvin kill George Floyd but they had been told that police officers are not convicted—that there is at least an informal club that marches to one refrain: “we’ve got your back.” When the verdict was read “whew” was the...

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Out of Many, Me

It is important not to forget. To remember the best times. To keep in mind precious moments with family and friends—to go beyond the incessant clatter of the clattering classes. I remember my Mom’s care while my Dad was in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The...

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Foul Ball

One line about the pandemic goes: “it has changed everything.” Much of the talk is about where work will take place or whether telehealth will become more common. In the last week, however, the headline narratives have often been about voting. When should it begin?...

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Who Among Us Awaits Instruction?

“Ten Years After the Spring,” a commentary in The Economist, looked back — back over the ten years since the beginning of what came to be called the Arab Spring. The trigger was the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor after his fruit cart was confiscated...

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Suicide on Fifth Avenue

Donald J. Trump infamously noted, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay.” What happened yesterday is Trump turned the gun on himself — suicide on Fifth Avenue. Allan Drury would have been amazed. As a...

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Trump, A Martyr?

Trump, A Martyr? Joseph Stalin popular? Yes, the respected Levada Center polled Russians aged 18 and above in 137 Russian towns and villages; the result: “51% respect, like or admire Stalin. If you are interested in how many millions of Russian deaths are attributed...

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New year predictions are often general and most unmeasurable. A technology prediction, for example, is advanced—it happens some years later. Prediction or musing? So I will stick to 2021 and will avoid miraculous technologies and not opine on how the Pandemic will...

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Thoughts on the Beginning

Tone Rancor can be thought to be good; as in free speech and opinion differences will inevitably lead to some rancor. But, as I watched Inaugural activities that began the President Biden and Vice-President Harris Administration, I was transported back to the two...

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The spotlight will not be soft, it will be blinding. And the evidence will be clear—captured in 21st Century reality—tweets, videos and speeches all captured digitally, which means forevermore. History, not another political poll, will weigh actions. The official...

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Service Year

Everything seems up for grabs. Disruption is thematic—establishments are on their heels. In 2027, looking back, how will our intervening work be measured? Status quo? No that is not possible. Progress? We’ll see. Too many, and I mean way too many, look to politics to...

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Failure of Imagination by Al Sikes

Nobody alive today has experienced a fiscal pandemic affecting the dollar’s value. There have been ups and downs in value, but because of our country’s overall strength, the dollar illnesses have been relatively short-lived. But now, on the eve of adding trillions to...

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Thoughts on Leadership by Al Sikes

In February of the Joe Biden presidency, cable news spent 1,836 minutes reviewing the President according to the Stanford Cable News Analyzer. In the first February of the Donald Trump presidency, the number was 4,669. My concern isn’t so much the demand side, but the...

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Spirit in The Season of Holy Days

In Sam Kean’s book, Caesar’s Last Breath: The Epic Story of the Air Around Us, he postulates a particularly heady thesis. He notes that in measuring time: the chances are you have already inhaled some of Julius Caesar’s last breath.  So naturally, and...

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