Social Distemper

The Iraqis have a constitution, as do the Afghans. Both are relatively new and influenced by the United States. Yet, it would be hard to find anyone that believes Iraq’s or Afghanistan’s Constitutions have secured and stabilized those countries. Both countries are...

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Andy Harris: In Denial

Few things in life are certain. I am certain of that. Risk is endemic to life and the more threatening the risk the more likely we are to have insurance. Automobile, health, and home are just the most common policies. Yet at the start of most years (health excluded)...

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Living History

Author’s note: A small community church is in the foreground, The Beaverkill Church. It is shadowed by Mount McGuckin in the Catskill Mountain chain. Recently I was recruited to deliver the Sunday morning message. In speaking of the American Revolution in 1838...

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Grievance, overtime, becomes debilitating. It was the translation key to yesterday’s performance of President Trump. Trump, whose sense of grievance has captured his presidency, was disgraceful in the conduct we know about during his Helsinki talks with Vladimir...

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Democracy Failing

Mara Liasson, the National Political Correspondent for National Public Radio and often a co-panelist with Charles Krauthammer on Fox News, called him a “gift to the world” and characterized his death as “a huge loss for conservatives.” Liasson and Krauthammer didn’t...

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Oh for the chance to have one more back and forth. Too often our intrinsic treasures are only truly treasured when they are gone. I can recall of course. The union card. Walking on my knees, picking cotton. The adventure in Alaska. So, let me give you a son’s...

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You Give Me Fever

“You give me fever, when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever in the morning Fever all through the night” Little Willie John sang the original version of Fever released in 1958. A year later the sensual Peggy Lee did a cover version that skyrocketed into the...

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Guns Revisited

“Impossible.” In early April in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, I recommended requiring password controlled trigger locks on guns—think smartphone. One Letter to the Editor called such a plan impossible. Outrage can convert impossible to possible. The...

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Up, Up, Up

Revenue surged at Amazon, up 43%, at Facebook, 50% and at Google’s parent Alphabet, 73%. Good news? Well certainly for stockholders but what about the rest of America. What about Easton and Chestertown and the rest of the Eastern Shore of Maryland?  ...

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This last week is illustrative. Preparation is underway for a summit with Kim Jung Un, Congress appears to be in the final stages of a new banking bill, teachers are on the march from Oklahoma to Kentucky, but everything is about the President. Well not everything,...

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What Price Privacy?

It was the beginning, 1994. I was in Dallas for a meeting of magazine editors and publishers and met with Jim Clark who was raising capital for a company called Netscape. Clark had recruited the technology group headed by Marc Andreessen at the University of Illinois....

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