2018 is an election year. Best I can tell the differences of opinion turn on Trump, Pelosi, and guns. And, lest I forget, Americans are once again watching a spending battle with a government shutdown threat adding drama. This will all be resolved with much more...

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Oxygen is life-giving. When somebody remarks that a given person’s dominant personality “takes all the oxygen out of the room” they mean that the others in the room become lifeless. Most American journalists and especially pundits have become lifeless — outrage has...

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Appetite or Reason?

What happens when big data and artificial intelligence tools dominate humanity? Will a super-rational world result as leaders, with the resources, use the tools? We are in the midst of finding out. Count me a skeptic. The early stage of the experiment started years...

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Facebook: On the Edge

My Facebook experience began in February of 2016 just ahead of the publication of my book, Culture Leads Leaders Follow. I was looking for promotional channels. As I have watched Facebook’s evolving position as a major news source and for some, the only news source,...

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Climate Change Denial

Denial can be encapsulating—totally so. It, not infrequently, is an emotion that takes over our brain and sometimes destructively. The hard right of the Republican Party is in denial on the subject of climate change. Those who populate that branch regard scientific...

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To Kneel or Stand

We have been, for several weeks, greeted each morning by news of which athletes at what game refused to stand during the National Anthem. Most recently the Vice President, Mike Pence, decided to make the body’s posture an even more fractious political stance. It was...

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