Are There Answers?

Easter week in my faith tradition—Christianity—is rich with questions and necessary introspection. Jesus Christ is tortured, crucified, and resurrected. Power, the human intoxicant prevailed, at least until “the stone was moved back.” A more intense human drama,...

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Does Choice Appeal to You?

Choice! It is simply hard to fathom a richly layered life without it. I can imagine some would enjoy always having to choose from no more than two alternatives, but not me. Indeed we have laws that lean hard against monopoly (a single provider), duopoly (two...

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Awaken to Woke

“Pride makes us artificial; humility makes us real.” Thomas Merton Or, to put it another way: camera on: artificial; camera off: possibility. At least possibility can yield to humility and the real self. We are now in the “Woke” era. Woke, in part, is defined as...

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AOC as Superwoman

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is everywhere; it is as if she found a phone booth (doubt they exist anymore) and then reappeared as Superwoman. AOC seems to be the leading advocate for the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the provocateur who caused Amazon to...

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Creative Destruction

I was in the front row. The first act of a three-act play had begun. The newspaper industry was coming face-to-face with Craig’s List and other online classified services that were syphoning off crucial business. Realtors had begun to deploy three-dimensional ads, job...

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E Schultz is a registered Democrat and has supported many of the Party’s candidates over the years. In the 60 Minutes interview, specifically mentioning “Medicare for All,” a slogan increasingly used by Democrat candidates, he spoke of the Party’s abrupt turn to the...

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He Said, He Said

Email Political disputes are often so parochial that few follow them with any sustained interest. Perhaps that will be the fate of one that features two Talbot County Republicans, with excellent Party credentials, facing off. But, at least for now, it is reasonably...

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That Was The Week That Was

Email A mostly forgotten comedy show called That Was The Week That Was aired first on the BBC and then on NBC in the 1960s; it skewered the high and mighty. The title sums up my timeline. While many are writing end-of-the-year columns, I can’t escape the last week or...

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Early this summer, with a new high-speed connection just installed, my wife and I began to sample streaming TV shows. We had read articles about the show Breaking Bad and decided to see what it was about. Keep in mind that Breaking Bad was a sensation when it arrived,...

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Social Distemper

The Iraqis have a constitution, as do the Afghans. Both are relatively new and influenced by the United States. Yet, it would be hard to find anyone that believes Iraq’s or Afghanistan’s Constitutions have secured and stabilized those countries. Both countries are...

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