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Pub Date: March 1, 2016


Culture Leads Leaders Follow
by Al Sikes

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Culture Leads Leaders Follow is a book about power–the power of a win-at-any-cost political and business culture and how it has diminished the invisible line of Judeo-Christian morality which has been a central element in our nation’s freedom and prosperity.

I write about my early years and contrast them with the culture of the power cities–Washington and New York–where the force field of ambition operates well outside the lines.

My story begins in Washington with the most colorful member of President Reagan’s Cabinet, Malcom Baldrige. I detail face-offs with Howard Stern and Mark Cuban and write about the appetite-led evolution of media shaped by Rupert Murdoch.

I give voice to my heroes, starting with my parents and then a seminal political figure in my life, before turning to the surviving victims of the mass shooting at the AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.

My life in Washington and New York placed me in the center of a range of disruptive and quite productive technologies. It is those technologies in the hands of social entrepreneurs that I believe can help shape a counter-revolution.


“An insider‘s view of the world of media during some of its most transformative years.” – Tom Woodbury, President Global Distribution, HBO

“Steeped in penetrating reflections…..A fascinating and stimulating read.” – Os Guinness, author of The Global Public Square

If you are “in the trenches, pushing very large rocks up very steep hills, read this book!” – Gina Otto, author of Cassandra’s Angel and Founder & CEO of Change My World Now


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Culture Leads Leaders Follow

Discussion Questions:

    1. Each of us encounters dozens if not hundreds of stories each day through advertising, news and entertainment. How influential are these stories in our lives–for the better or worse? Do we have any ability to influence the messages?


    1. My Mom and Dad began their parenting by insisting and then suggesting and finally cautioning. Is the family losing its preeminent role of influence in children’s lives? Is there any way government can create effective institutions that can serve as surrogate parents?


    1. Does society need spiritual stabilizers? If stabilizers become stronger, how will that likely have occurred?


    1. Mass shootings have become regular events. Are these shootings primarily a result of individual mental illness? Does our culture play a role? If so, what are the cultural forces and is it possible to reverse their influence?


    1. Polls unequivocally reflect distrust or worse in the institutions of government. In today’s money and poll centric political culture is it possible to affect and sustain favorable government?


    1. If more trusted leadership emerges, what would be the contributing circumstances?


    1. Sixty-five years ago America elected a President who had never held elected office–Dwight Eisenhower. Many seem ready to elect another one–Donald Tump. What developments let to Trump’s rise?


    1. What is the relationship between the size of government and the potential of a trusting citizenry?


    1. Do leaders shape the culture or are they more likely to be shaped by it? What examples of leaders re-shaping cultural forces come to mind?